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Brighton offers a range of programs and football options for people of all ages. All enquiries and questions can be directed to Check out the following information regarding the programs being offered:

5-A-Side Q & A's


Five a Side Competition 2021 Information Pack 

Welcome to the Bulldogs 5 A-Side Program 

Congratulations on registering in the Bulldogs 5 A-Side Program. Please read this document for valuable information on the Competition. If necessary, we may need to combine some age groups depending on the final registrations. You will be advised by email if this happens in your specific age groups. We will do our best to avoid this wherever possible. It is important that you assist us in ensuring that all members of your team are registered and paid as soon as possible. 

What to do Next? 

If you already know your team, you will need to ensure your whole team is registered as soon as possible and payments are made. Can you please contact all other members of your team and ask them to register online as soon as possible? It is important that each team member is aware of the team name that has been selected and it is included when registering. Otherwise, they may be placed in another team by mistake. 

How to Contact Us? 

For any inquiries or questions please email: Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response from us. 

What happens on the First Day? 

A considerable amount of administration is necessary on the first day of the competition. Please ensure you have filled out your team sheets and handed them to the ref before the game.  Please make sure you are ready to kick off on time. 

What Happens Each Week? 

Each week, the team (all members) must sign in on your team sheet to confirm that they are participating on that day. This will be applicable to all teams, including junior teams. All juniors under the age of 14 will require a parent to sign on their behalf. This is due to terms and condition of insurance. 

The Draw for each week will be posted on the Club’s website (including names of teams, times, and fields). The draw will be posted as soon as possible before each week’s fixtures. Due to fixture changes, it may be difficult to post fixtures too far in advance, and we request your understanding in this.  

All teams must be at their allocated pitch, and ready to play at least 5 minutes before the scheduled kick off. This is due to the substantial number of fixtures scheduled each night.  

Playing Time: Juniors U8-U16 - 35 minutes (no half time); 

Seniors/Overs - 2 x 20min halves with 5 min half time

It is the responsibility of each team Manager to ensure that you have sufficient players each week. If you are short numbers, please contact the registration team as soon as possible (or at the latest 20 minutes prior to the game) so that we can locate a replacement player (if possible). 

What happens if I need to forfeit? 

If for some reason your team cannot make a game, we need to be advised as soon as possible to ensure that all teams and persons involved can be notified. You should contact us by email at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled game time. We ask you to be considerate to other teams as no one enjoys arriving to the field and finding out that their game has been cancelled as the other team has not shown up. 

Jersey / Team Colour 

All team members will be responsible for providing their own kit (shirt/jersey, shorts & socks) to play in.  We recommend when you are selecting what your team will wear that you pick a colour or pattern that is unusual to avoid clashes with other teams.

Aims & Objectives of the Program 

The 5 A-Side program is a social program that gives young players the opportunity to play football in a fast-free flowing way and to make decisions on their own accord. We would ask parents to encourage their players and not coach excessively from the sidelines. 

Club Rules and Regulations 

  1. Brighton Bulldogs is a licensed club. Under the liquor licensing laws, it is illegal to bring any alcohol onto the premises. Any person found bringing alcohol to the premises will be suspended from participating in the program with no refund given on fees.
  2. Under State Government Laws, smoking is prohibited from any area within a sports and recreation facility. Anyone caught smoking will be asked to leave the premises without exception
  3. All spectators are expected to abide with our Spectator Code of Conduct. Please view this on our website.
  4. All players are too acknowledge and meet the requirements of our Player Code of Conduct which can be viewed on our website.
  5. All decisions made by the referee’s and our official’s are final and must be adhered to always.
  6. Once the first game of the competition is played, the club will only provide refunds in extenuating circumstances eg. full competition cancellation due to QLD or Federal Health Directives due to Covid19 lockdowns.
  7. It is against the rules for any player to sign against another players name on the registration sheet or for an unregistered player to play against a registered player’s name. The registered player and or team involved in such an incident may be suspended from the competition. Our officials may ask for proof of identity as needed during the competition.
  8. Referees: Most of the referees are our children and club members. Please remember that mistakes happen and once the referee has made the call that is final. Please treat ALL referees with respect. 

Wet Weather 

While the season rain may cause the cancellation of fixtures. Please check the clubs website and check the field status on the top part of the home page to see if the fields are open or closed. If the field status is “Closed” then games have been cancelled. Information will be posted on this website by 4.00 p.m. on the afternoon of games or as soon as we receive severe weather notifications from council or BOM. 

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with this page on the website to prevent any inconvenience during the season. Updates will also be posted to the Bulldogs Facebook and Instagram pages, so please make sure you have liked the Bulldogs Facebook page and Instagram page

Sessions cancelled due to wet weather may not be rescheduled.


5-A-Side 2021 Rules of Competition


5-a-side Competition Rules 2021




Competitions may be mixed or gender specific as determined by Brighton Bulldogs FC. Final Registration numbers will dictate Competitions to be run. Age groups may be combined if deemed necessary. Brighton Bulldogs FC may allow players to play outside of their correct age group under special circumstances.





BRIGHTON BULLDOGS FC will arrange the dates, times and locations of all matches. These scheduled matches will be advised to participating teams prior to the commencement of the season.



The duration of matches for each age group are outlined in the Brighton Bulldogs 5 a Side LOTG. The referee has the right to abandon any match if playing conditions compromise player, spectator or official safety. No added/injury time will be played during matches.


Application for Alterations

Any application for an alteration to scheduled fixtures shall be submitted in writing to Brighton Bulldogs FC at least ten (10) working days prior to the scheduled fixture. Each request will be determined on its merits. Applications for alterations due to “social functions” (e.g. Weddings, christenings, confirmations or other social and religious

events) will not be considered. The Club’s decision in regard to the rescheduling of fixtures will be final.


Non-participation in a Fixture

Any team that fails to fulfil any of its fixture or finals obligations arranged by Brighton Bulldogs FC, may have points deducted per offence, and may be subject to further disciplinary action. If either team is not ready to commence the fixture within 5 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time, the match may be recorded as a 3-0 win in favour of the opposing team, and the points will be awarded to the opposing team as a forfeit. Should any team claim such a forfeit they must forward a completed Official Match Sheet, signed by the appointed referee, or a Brighton Bulldogs FC official. The team deemed to have forfeited may submit a report, within three (3) working days, to Brighton Bulldogs FC should they believe the forfeit was caused by exceptional circumstances. Where Brighton Bulldogs FC finds that exceptional circumstances caused the forfeit, the match may be deemed as postponed and be subject to the rules of Postponed Matches.


If, for any reason, a team intends to forfeit a scheduled fixture match, the team is to provide two (2) clear working days written notice of the forfeit to the Administrator of Brighton Bulldogs FC. Brighton Bulldogs FC shall be responsible for notification to the opposition team and the appointed referees. The match will be recorded as a 3-0 win in favour of the opposing team, and the points will be awarded to the opposing team.


A Club that fails to provide enough notification of a forfeit may lose points. A team, which persistently forfeits matches, may, at the discretion of Brighton Bulldogs FC, be withdrawn from that competition.


Withdrawal/Removal from Fixtures

If any team in the competition withdraws or is removed from fixture competitions, then the following will apply:


(a)   if the team is withdrawn or removed before the competition has started - a bye in the competition will be substituted;


(b)  if the team is withdrawn or removed after the competition has started – the recorded results for that team will be deleted and a bye in the competition will be substituted;


Postponed or Rain Affected Matches

As a rule, no matches will be replayed due to wet weather cancelation. Brighton Bulldogs FC reserves the right to cancel any round, or part thereof, should they deem that player safety or field maintenance reasons dictate this course of action. Notifications will be on the Brighton Bulldogs Website and/or Facebook page no later than 4.00pm on the day of scheduled games. Please join the Facebook page -




Interchange of Players

In all competitions, unlimited interchange will be permitted, with no more than eight (8) players permitted to be listed on the Match Sheet. Only players listed on the Match Sheet are permitted to take part in the match. A player who has been interchanged may return to the field for another player. All interchanges can occur at any time in play and must happen near the halfway line.


Player Identity

Player identity may be checked by Brighton Bulldogs FC at any stage. Players who do not or cannot produce proof of identity will not be permitted to take part in the match. All challenges of identity/eligibility by opposition teams must be bought to the attention of the clubs 5 a Side administrator as soon as possible. Brighton Bulldogs FC reserves the

right to investigate the eligibility of any player at any stage.


Borrowing Players

A borrowed player must be registered in the Brighton Bulldogs FC 5 a Side Competition. Team can borrow a maximum of two (2) players. Players who are borrowed must be playing in the correct age group. It is the responsibility of the team official to ensure that the borrowed player is eligible to play.


Registration of Players

ALL players participating in the Brighton Bulldogs 5 a Side competition must be registered with Brighton Bulldogs 5 a Side before taking part in any match.


Ineligible Players

Any Junior player (U6-U16) not registered as per Brighton Bulldogs FC 5 a Side for the current season is considered ineligible and is not permitted to participate in any Brighton Bulldogs 5 a Side Competition. Any player under suspension by Brighton Bulldogs FC is considered ineligible and is not permitted to participate in any fixture until that suspension is served. This includes automatic suspensions for yellow and red cards along with penalties determined by the Brighton Bulldogs FC Disciplinary Committee. A player whose has not signed the Brighton Bulldogs 5 a Side Match Sheet prior to the commencement of any match is considered ineligible and is not permitted to participate in that match.

Penalties and Outcomes

If it is established that a player competing in any Brighton Bulldogs FC 5 a Side competition fixture was ineligible to play, then the following will apply:


      the team found guilty shall forfeit any goals scored and points gained in that match and the points and match will be awarded to the opposing team;

      the game will be recorded as a 3-0 win in favour of the opposing team, unless the result was of a greater margin in favour of the opposing team;

      Brighton Bulldogs FC may impose an additional sanction, suspend, expel or take whatever disciplinary action it deems necessary against the offending team or player.


If it is established that both clubs competing in any Brighton Bulldogs FC 5 a Side competition fixture fielded players who were ineligible to play, then the following will apply:


      the match will be deemed as a NO RESULT, whereby, no points will be awarded;

      Brighton Bulldogs FC may impose an additional sanction, suspend, expel or   take whatever disciplinary action it deems necessary against the offending teams or players.



Match Sheets

On match day, both teams participating in a competition match are required to sign the Brighton Bulldogs FC Match Sheet prior to the commencement of any match.


The Match Sheet will:


      list all match details (age group, division, date, fixture number, participating teams, and venue);

      list all players taking part in the match with first name, surname with room for a signature;

      not list more than eight players for any fixture;


The Team Manager is responsible for ensuring the names of all players are listed and signed on the sheet. Parents can sign the Match Sheet on behalf of players participating in U6-U11.

Procedures following a Match

Following the match, the Referee should sign off the Match Sheet after verifying the accuracy of result, game details (red cards, cautions, goal scorers and times) and players listed. The referee will forward the original copies of the completed Match Sheets to Brighton Bulldogs FC.


Results of Fixtures

The results of fixtures will be communicated to Brighton Bulldogs FC by the referee.


Match Balls

Brighton Bulldogs FC shall provide two footballs of correct size and in good order and condition for each match.


Playing Strips

All playing strips must be of the same predominant colour (except for socks). Where team colours are similar, the AWAY team will be required to wear an alternate strip or bibs, (these can be supplied by Brighton Bulldogs FC. Goalkeepers shall wear any colour provided it does not clash with either team or referee.


Extreme Weather Conditions

In extreme weather conditions, Brighton Bulldogs FC reserves the right to postpone, delay or abandon any fixture.


Blood Rule

In the event a player suffers an injury or wound which results in the loss of blood, the Referee will request that the injured player receives attention outside the field of play and only when the Referee is satisfied that the injury or wound is safely covered and contained, will the player be permitted to re-join the game. In the event the player’s uniform or attire is splattered with blood, the Referee will require the player to change any clothing with blood stains before being permitted to re-join the game.




Players who receive a Red Card/Dismissal in a match shall receive an automatic non-appealable suspension of 1 week. Additional suspensions may be imposed after review by the Brighton Bulldogs FC Disciplinary Committee. Players suspended will be informed via email and before their next fixture. Brighton Bulldogs FC reserves the right to change or amend these rules at its absolute discretion.


BRIGHTON BULLDOGS 5 a Side 2021: Laws of the Game

These Laws should be read in conjunction with FIFA Laws of the Game. FIFA LOTG apply if not covered in the Brighton Bulldogs 5 a side LOTG. Clarification should be sought from Brighton Bulldogs 5 a Side Referee Coordinator if questions arise.


Key differences with FIFA LOTG:


      All restarts, (Except for Penalty Kicks) are INDIRECT: a goal may not be directly scored from any restart including a Free Kick, a Kick Off, a Corner Kick, a Goal Kick (no drop kicks), and side line kick-in (no throw-ins); If the ball goes directly into the opponents’ goal from any re-start, it’s a Goal Kick.

      Opponents must be at least 5m from the ball at any kicked restart (and 2m away from a side-line Kick-In).

      If an attacker is fouled inside the penalty area, it’s a DIRECT Penalty Kick taken 5m away from the penalty area; All players must be behind the ball.

      There is no “Offside”.

      NO SLIDE TACKLES are allowed for any age group: tackling players must remain on their feet throughout the challenge.

      If a player is Sent Off, their team plays short until the opponents score a goal or for 2 mins whichever comes first.

      Field player substitutions are on the fly and must take near half-way; a Player must leave the field before a Substitute enters. Goalkeeper substitutions may only be made at a break in play and with the prior permission of the Referee.

      Match duration: Junior U8-U16: 35mins (no half time); Senior/Overs: 2 x 20 mins halves.

      Ball size: U8-U9: size 3; all other matches size 4.

      No coin toss: first named team chooses which goal to attack; opponents get the first kick-off; switch for second half.

      U8-U9: Once a goalkeeper has secured the ball with the hands, opponents must retreat 5m from the penalty area.

And these changes bring us in line with FIFA LOTG 2020/2021 and the new season ahead:

      Kick off can go in any direction including “backwards”. The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.

      If a foul by a defender denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity (DOGSO), the defender is shown a Yellow Card but only if the offending player attempts to play the ball or there is a possibility for the player making the challenge to play the ball; for all other DOGSO fouls, the offender is shown a Red Card and Sent Off.


Law 01 – The Field of Play

      Dimensions: 30-35m long x 25-30m wide.

      Markings: 8-12 cm wide touchlines at the sides, goal lines at the ends, and a centre mark.

      Combined Goal Area and Penalty Area: An arc measuring 6m radius from centre of goal posts.

      The Goals: Height 1.8-2.0m, Width 3.0-5m.


Law 02 – The Ball

      U6-U9 Size #3

      U10 and above: Size #4


Law 03 – The Players

      Maximum number of players on the field at any one time: 5, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper

      Minimum Number of Players to Start Match: 4, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper

      Minimum Number of Players to Finish Match: 3, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper

      Maximum Number of Substitutes: 3

      Field player substitutions are unlimited and, on the fly, so do not require the Referee’s consent but must be done near half-way; a Player must leave the field before a Substitute enters. Goalkeeper substitutions may only be done at a break in play and with the prior permission of the Referee.

      For Mixed Senior Competitions, there must be at least two (2) female “field” players on the field at all time, not including the Goalkeeper.


Law 04 – The Players' Equipment:

      Shirt, shorts, socks, protective shin guards (must be worn) and appropriate footwear. In the event of a clash in shirt colours, the second named team is responsible to collect bibs from Brighton Bulldogs FC management.


Law 05 – The Referee

      Duties: Enforce the laws, keep time, apply the advantage rule, keep a record of all incidents before, during and after game, stop game when deemed necessary, caution or expel players guilty of misconduct, violent conduct or other unsportsmanlike behaviour, allow no others to enter the pitch, stop game to have injured players removed, signal for game to be restarted after every stoppage, decide that the ball meets with the stipulated requirements.


Law 06 – The Assistant Referee:

      There are no Assistant Referees.


Law 07 – The Duration of the Match

• U8-U16: One period of 35 minutes. There is no half time. There is no added time for injuries or delays in play.

• Senior/Overs: Two equal periods of 20 minutes. There is no added time for injuries or delays in play, but time can be added for a penalty kick at the end of a half.  Half-time: Maximum of 5 minutes.


Law 08 – The Start and Restart of Play

      The team listed first on the official match sheet (home team) shall choose which goal to attack, the opposing (away) team shall kick off first. For all kick offs, all players must be in their own half; opponents of the team taking the kick must be at least 5m from the ball until it is in play; the Referee gives a signal; the ball is in play once it is kicked and clearly moves; the kicker may not touch the ball again until it touches another player.

      A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off.


Law 09 – The Ball in and out of Play

      Ball out of play: When it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline; when the game has been stopped by a referee.

      Lines: Touchlines and goal lines are considered inside the playing area.


Law 10 – Method of Scoring

      When the whole of the ball has passed over the goal line, between the goal posts and under the crossbar (except by illegal means).


Law 11 – Offside:

      There is no offside.


Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct

An Indirect free kick or Penalty Kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences against an opponent in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:



      Jumps at.

      Kicks or attempts to kick.


      Strikes or attempts to strike (including head butt).

      Tackles or challenges.

      Trips or attempts to trip.


An indirect free kick or Penalty Kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences:


      Handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within their own penalty area).

      Holds an opponent.

      Impedes an opponent with contact.

      Spits at an opponent.

      An indirect free kick is also awarded when any of the following offences is committed:

      Playing in a dangerous manner (e.g. attempting to kick a ball held by goalkeeper).

      Sliding when tackling an opponent (part of body other than feet contacts the ground during the tackle).

      Impeding an opponent without contact being made.

      Charging the goalkeeper in the penalty area.

      Goalkeeper handles the ball after it has been kicked deliberately to them by a teammate.

      Goalkeeper handles the ball after a throw-in by a teammate.

      Goalkeeper within their own penalty area handles the ball for more than 6 seconds.


Players shall be “cautioned” (Shown a Yellow Card) when a player:


      Enters the field of play to gain an advantage before the player he is substituting has entirely left the field of play.

      Persistently infringes the Laws of the Game.

      Shows dissent by word or action with any decision of the referee.

      Is guilty of unsporting behaviour.

      Delays the restart of play.

      Does not observe the required distance at the restart of play.

      Slide tackles deliberately.


Players shall be “Sent off” (Shown a Red Card) for:


      Serious foul play.

      Violent conduct.

      Spitting at an opponent or any other person.

      Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures.

      Receiving a second caution in the same match.

      Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by an offence punishable by a free kick or penalty kick but only if the offending player does not attempt to play the ball, or there is no possibility for the player making the challenge to play the ball.

      Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (except a goalkeeper

      within their penalty area).


Rules of Expulsion:


      The player Sent Off takes no further part in the match.

      Unless U18 or below, the player sent off must leave the vicinity of the field of play.

      The team of the player sent off plays short until the opponents score a goal or for 2 mins whichever comes first. The 2- minute punishment shall be controlled by the Referee and can continue into the second half if needed.

      The substitute for a player sent off can only enter the field with the prior permission of the Referee.


Law 13 – Free Kicks

      All free kicks are indirect: a goal may not be directly scored.

      Opponents must be at least 5m away until the ball is in play.

      The ball in play after it has been kicked and clearly moves except for a free kick to the defending team in their penalty area

      where the ball is in play when it is kicked directly out of the penalty area.

      Kicker cannot touch the ball again until it has been touched by another player.

      A free kick awarded to a team in or near their opponents’ goal area is taken 5m away from the penalty area.


Law 14 – The Penalty Kick

      Penalty Kicks are taken from a point 5m away from the penalty area.

      The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.

      All penalty kicks are direct: a goal may be directly scored.

      Opponents may stand behind and at least 5m from the ball.


Law 15 – The Throw-in

A throw-in is awarded to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball when the whole of the ball passes over a touchline.


At the moment of delivering the ball, the thrower must:


      be outside the field of play

      have part of each foot on the touchline or on the ground outside the touchline

      throw the ball with both hands from behind and over the head from the point where it left the field of play

      Opponents must be at least 2m from the point at which the throw-in is taken.

      The ball is in play when it enters the field of play.

      The thrower must not touch the ball again until it has touched another player.


Law 16 – The Goal Kick

      A goal may NOT be scored directly from a goal kick; Opponents must be at least 5m away from the penalty area and may not come closer to the penalty area until the ball is in play. The ball is in play when it leaves the penalty area


Law 17 – The Corner Kick

      Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball; the ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.



MiniRoos Club Football - Under 6 to Under 11

MiniRoos Club Football is a smaller version of football that provides girls and boys aged under 6 - 11 with a fun introduction to the world game.  MiniRoos Club Football is designed for kids; it is all about having fun, learning new skills and making life-long friends while playing in friendly and encouraging environment.

Brighton MiniRoos teams train once midweek with games held on Saturday mornings (older teams may train twice a week).  MiniRoos games are not scored and no league tables are kept.  Teams play home and away games. 

The 18-round season generally begins in March/April and finishes in September. Specific dates are released each year coordinating with school holidays. Please see the MiniRoos calendar on the home page for more details.

The field and team structure is designed to cater for each age group.  They are designed to encourage participation and the free flow of play.  Age group structure:

Under 6 & 7

6 players per team. 

Small fields with 4 players on the field (no goalkeepers).

Games have 15 minute halves; usually played early Saturday mornings.

 Under 8 & 9

10 players per team.

Roughly quarter field with 7 players on the field, including a goalie.

Games with 20 minute halves; normally played early to mid-morning on Saturday.

Field positions (attack/defence) are introduced and all players in the team are rotated to play all positions on the field including goalie.

Under 9's play in graded competition, this encourages participation and enjoyment for all players.

 Under 10 - 11

12 players per team.

The field is normally ¾ of full field, with 9 players on field, including a goalie.

Games with 25 minute halves; normally played mid-morning on Saturday.

Under 10 - 12 play in graded competitions.

What you need: Kids are required to wear shin pads and football boots for all training sessions and games.  They also need the club uniform for official matches.  A uniform pack is available to purchase from the online shop, and second hand boots are available to purchase at the club.  All balls and other equipment will be provided at games and training.

Our Coaches:  Our coaches are volunteers and parents who give their time to help improve the football skills of our children.  Please support our coaches by attending training sessions and games, to help monitor your own and other children's behaviour.  Please assist our coaches to make their jobs as easy and enjoyable as possible.  

Coaching is a very rewarding role.  If you would like to be involved in the coaching team at the Bulldogs, please email  Coaching courses are provided, and support is available.  If you are interested, have a discussion with one of our coaches or committee members. 

Preseason training: 

The 2021 preseason program will commence on week beginning 15th February. The program aims to get the kids moving and introduces them to other players within their age group.  Please see the MiniRoos calendar on the home page for more details.

To participate in the preseason program please register for the season using the link on the home page.  A minimum payment of $70 will be required to join the preseason program, full payment will be required before starting the official season. The fee for the preseason is credited against your child's season fees.

U9-U11 Gradings: 

MiniRoos U9-U11 age groups play in a graded competition. To ensure players ability are matched to their team allocation, players in these age groups attend grading sessions during the preseason.  Please see the MiniRoos calendar on the home page for more details of grading dates. 

MiniRoos Academy U9-U11:

The Bulldogs academy teams play in Komodo graded competitions. The teams train twice a week, once with an academy coach focused on skills and player development and once with their team coach. Under the club's Head Coach, trials for the U9-U11 Academy teams take place in Oct/Nov, trial dates are published on the home page

More information related to the FFA MiniRoos program can be found here.

For more information or assistance, please email


Junior Club Football - Under 12's to Under 18's

Junior Club Football is competition football for players under 12 to under 18's.  Brighton Bulldogs have boys, girls and mixed teams across these age groups.  Junior football is a great opportunity to make life long friendships and start lifelong healthy habits. Teams compete in their division with finals at the end of the season based on the division ladder ranking. The season generally runs March to September.

Junior football is 11-a-side competition with home and away fixtures on a full sized field.  Training sessions are held twice a week, with competitive game on Saturday for under 12 &13.  Under 14, 15 and 16's games are held on either Friday nights or Sundays.  Under 18's games are held across the weekend. 

Grading: Each year level has divisions that teams are nominated in depending on the teams overall skill level. To determine the level of the team and the division it will be entered, the club completes gradings early in the year for the juniors. 

Once club trials have been completed the U12 teams participate in divisional trials to set their division for entry into the competitive playing level of Junior football. These divisional trials are generally in mid February. Please see the Club calendar on the home page for more details.

Preseason: Preseason training will commence in January, please register using the link on our home page to ensure you receive the relevant training information for your age group.   All new players are welcome. 

Registration: Players need to be registered to commence training, and fees are required in full 2 weeks before the first official game. 

For more information email


Senior Men's Competitive Football

Capital League
Brighton Bulldogs Senior Men have a Capital League 3 team.

New players please contact to register your interest.

City League
Brighton Bulldogs will be entering a City League team for the 2021 Season.

New players please contact to register your interest.


Senior Women's Competitive Football

Brighton Bulldogs have Senior women team's, who competed in Women's City League across a range of divisions.  The club is looking for additional players for 2021.  

The 2021 pre-season will commence February, please express your interest to be kept informed of training days and starting times.

For more information email


Over 35 and 45 Men's Football

Brighton Bulldogs have over 35 and 45 men's teams represented across a range of divisions in the Friday night league. Men's Overs league is a great place to start or return to football, with teams of all ages and abilities.

For pre season dates please see the home page.

For further details please email


Over 30 Women's Football

Brighton Bulldogs have two amazing women's teams that play in the casual Friday night league.  Over 30's is a friendly environment in which to start or return to playing football.  The matches are competitive 80 minute games, which is great for fitness.  No previous football experience is necessary - just a fun attitude. 

We will start the pre-season in early February, with training once a week and have some pre-season friendlies where you can 'try and see'.

For more information email


Beginners Guide to Brighton Bulldogs


If you have a question we haven't been able to answer below, please feel free to email us at




What age group does my child play in? 

Your child’s team is determined by the age they turn that season. For example, if your child turns 9 at any time during the calendar year, they will be in Under 9’s. There are allowances for skilled players to ‘play up’ a year and that can be discussed with club officials.


Ages are grouped as follows:

  • MiniRoos (Under 6 to Under 11) play on a Saturday. 
  • Juniors (Under 12 & Under 13) play on a Saturday and occasionally on a Sunday, while Juniors (Under 14 to under 16) play on Sunday or Friday night.
  • Seniors, which include under 18’s, Men’s and Women’s, can play anytime on the weekend.
  • Women's Over 30's, Men's Over 35's and Men's Over 45's usually play Friday nights and some Sundays.


How long does the season last?

Depending on age group the season starts in March/April and final rounds finish in September, with finals played in September. MiniRoos don't play finals. Please check the Club calendar on the home page for more details.

Do you accept Fair Play Vouchers?

Yes, we are an accredited Fair Play Club.  Once you have obtained your voucher please print it out, sign it and bring to the club along with a valid identification.  This will need to be presented to an authorised committee member.


I’ve placed an order through the online shop – where do I collect it?

Once our uniform shop volunteer has packed your order you will be emailed advising it is ready for collection. Once you have received notification that your order is ready you can be collect it on a Friday morning from 9 -12am or from the canteen during opening hours.  There are special collection options during pre-season.  Please email or check the Facebook page for up to date information. 

How do I find out when and where fixtures are being held?

On the website home page, click on ‘Fixtures/ Results’ and look for your particular team’s link. The teams are listed alphabetically, not in age groups. 


Due to the nature of team nominations, fixtures will not be released until the week before the first game.  The fixtures will be released for the first three rounds and once the divisions have been finalised they will release the fixtures for the remainder of the season. 


Fixture times are decided by Football Brisbane, and can change up until the day before play, so best to always double check.


How do I know which field our team is playing their match on at the Club?

When you arrive at the Club, take a walk over to the sheds and you will see the list of all the games and the fields written up on the board for the day’s play.  Each ground will have a similar system.  If you are unsure please ask the ground official, identifiable by their fluoro vest. 


It’s raining! How do I find out if the team is playing?

Go to the website home page and look on the right hand side of the website to see if the fields are open or closed.  This is the best place to look and is updated regularly.

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