Volunteer Contributions

The Volunteer Contributions system is used by Brighton Bulldogs to increase the number of members involved in the club. Volunteers keep both operating costs and fees low. Volunteering also brings people with different skills together, to build an even stronger club.

The club asks each Brighton Bulldogs family registration to give up some time to assist the running of the club during the season. In 2020 there is a volunteer levy for members who are unable to help throughout the season. The opt-in fee for the 2020 Volunteer Levy is $100. Those members not paying the levy are required to commit some time helping at the club throughout the season.

How volunteering works

Because we all have more than one thing to do, volunteering is flexible

It is important to share the work involved in running our club.  To do this, volunteering cannot be ad hoc and requires a commitment from everyone. With every member completing an essential job, we ensure our club has the volunteers it needs.

There is no restriction on the number of hours volunteers contribute with many coaches and committee members exceeding 10 hours every week.  However, the minimum contribution is 10 hours across the season.  This is fewer than the number of weeks in the season.  

Volunteering makes a huge difference to our club.


Club Volunteer Roles

Football roles:

      ·      Team Coaches and Managers: Many to still be filled

      ·      Ground Official coordinatorVACANT

      ·      Referee Coordinator: Melissa York

      ·      Mancini Cup Coordinator: Dave Lowe

      ·      Team Uniform Coordinator: VACANT

      ·      Equipment Manager: Ross Cooper

Operational roles:

·      Curator: Nathan Russell

·      Groundsman: Glenn Parkes

·      Canteen/Bar Manager: Kate Carey

·      Shop Coordinator: Melissa York

·      Facility Development/Coordinator: VACANT

·      Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa York

·      SponsorshipDana Lang

·      Team Photos Coordinator: Talmon Reiss

·      Promotions Facebook: Bronwyn Clur

·      Grants: Ian Bell

·      Blue Card Coordinator: Melissa York

·      Gala Day Coordinator: VACANT

·      Club Handyperson: Richard Phillips

·      First Aid ManagerVACANT

In addition to these roles we will still need our usual workforce to help:

·      Mowing and marking the field,

·      Ground Officials

·      Working in the canteen,

·      Helping on special days,

·      Working bees,

·      etc, etc. 

These activities will be managed with shifts, so people can nominate when they are available to help. A new shift roster is implemented each year.


As you can see we need lots of people to make the club tick.  Please choose the volunteering option that works for you.  If you really can’t help you're welcome to pay the volunteer levy.  But we would really rather your help!


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